You're soft-spoken but your music speaks VOLUMES...”

Kelly Jones

     Solomon Thompson is absolutely one artist who should not be slept on. He was nominated for Best New Artist on Blues Critic Awards and won the title of Best R&B Artist from Real Talk Urban Magazine Awards, both in 2014. Throughout 2015, Solomon Thompson came strong with the release of videos, Time 2 PartyOne Big Party, and Neighbor. These videos have garnered over 20,000 views collectively. In 2016, Solomon Thompson kept his audience guessing as well as on their feet. New Year’s Day, fans witnessed the release of Thompson’s brand new single Mardi Gras. Followed by the release of singles Happy Birthday and Some Football in 2017Solomon continues with his ever-popular mantra of getting the party started. 2018 has seen the release of yet another New Year’s Day show stopping album entitled Good Damn Music. The initial release of the single Wanna Party is guaranteed to keep the party going throughout the year. Leave it to “THE PARTY STARTER” to keep the audience always ready for a celebration and all around good time.

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